Google Adsense Experiments

A few weeks ago, Google quietly rolled out AdSense Experiments.  Now you can do A/B split testing on your units without editing the code on your site.

So for example, if you want to see how changing the color of your ad title impacts your earnings, you can conduct this test right from the tool.

How to Use AdSense Experiments

To access the tool, login to your account and go to My Ads >> Experiments.  Then click the New Experiment button.

Next create a variation of the ad.  So for example, if your original ad was “Text Only” you can now choose “Display Ads Only” under “Ad Type” to see which unit performs best.

Or if your original unit had a red title, you can select a blue title for your variation.

If you check the box “Let Google optimize the traffic split” then Google will display each unit equally.  As Google continues to collect data and determines which ad performs the best, it will adjust the impressions to maximize your earnings.

Google recommends you let them manage the traffic split, but as you can see in the screenshot above, you can control how often the variation unit is displayed.

If you’re trying to determine which ad is performing best, it just makes sense to let Google manage the traffic allocation.

To run the experiment click Start Experiment.

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